GH Florashield

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To expand and thrive, plants need more than key nutrients and well-timed lighting — they also require environmental cleanliness. In a freshened setup, they can grow stronger roots, develop more-vigorous stems and foliage and maintain resistance against stresses.
FloraShield’s distinctive formula can give you the clean start you need, whether you’re flushing equipment or removing residue from roots. The plant-and-system rinse is designed for multiple stages of growth and even can be used as a foliar spray. Cleaner leaves and stems allow plants to absorb essential elements more fully and transport those compounds down into the root system.
In addition to acting as a rinse formula for hydroponic systems and mature plants, FloraShield is an ideal solution for giving new plants a strong start.
Immersing seeds in FloraShield for several minutes will clean the seeds and make them ready for germination. With cuttings, FloraShield can be used for just 20 seconds to remove impurities that would otherwise hinder the root propagation process.
No matter the growth stage, FloraShield
can improve root cleanliness, resulting in more-nourished roots and better plant structure